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Rental Policy


Rental period & Rental Fee

Each rental item has a Rental Fee, covering a 2 day rental period starting on the day they take the rental and ending by close of business two calendar days later, excluding Sundays and any holidays when the store is closed.


We have an extra day fee of 10% of the base rental fee, for each additional day. For example a $10.00 rental would cost $1.00 per each additional day beyond the first 2 days. We have a late fee as well, which is the same as our extra day fee.



We offer rental reservations, up to a month in advance, for no additional charge. If you need a specific rental item for a future event you may reserve it by paying the rental fee etc and telling us the date you would like to pick it up. The rental period will start from that date, and the rental item will be held in reserve until that time.


Deposits and other requirements

By signing the rental agreement you are agreeing to pay damages up to the deposit price listed on the rental item's tag. The deposit price listed on the rental tag is not charged to you when you check out. Instead we keep your credit or debit card information on file as collateral against the rental item. In addition to a card on file we also need to have a valid Driver's License or other government issued photo I.D. on file for you as well as basic contact information such as a street address, current phone number, and email address.

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